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Thank you so much to you, Dr Pollick and your staff for your pain free extraction and the courteous helpful care and concern you showed. You and your staff gave me a follow-up call too. — Patricia K.

Thank you so much for your kindness, friendliness, and compassion during my visit. You were the best I've ever had. — Thelma D.

Had my wisdom teeth Out, Great Doctor My four wisdom teeth were removed by Dr. Pollick in February. She was fantastic. She put me to sleep in her office and I felt nothing. I was so scare, but she and her staff made me calm. After I left I told my friends mom to use Dr. Pollick for my buddy. They are going next month. Thank you Dr. Pollick. — Joseph

I went to Brookhaven Hospital first and after waiting 2 hours they did nothing, I went to see this Doctor and she got me right in the same morning. That goodness she helped me and took care of this awful pain from a bad tooth. Her staff was also nice and the charges were very fair. She explained everything in advanced and took great care of me. I will be going back next month for another tooth. — Bobby

My family has gone to her for many years. My self and my children have had extensive treatment by her. I trust her and her staff implicitly. She's professional,caring, bright and sweet. Besides having a well maintained up to date office she is down to earth and genuinely compassionate. I wouldn't go anywhere else! — Peggy

I believe someone special was guiding me as I went through my insurance book, looking for a surgeon. A tumor in my mouth how scary is that? Beth answered the phone and immediately assured me that you are one of the finest surgeons. She put my fears at rest and I got an appointment almost immediately. Dr. Pollick you took the time to listen to my needs, my life style and then opted to do a marsupiliazation, instead of removing bone from my jaw. As my Florida doctor said, "your New York doctor did right by you." Dr. Pollick may you never lose your skill as a surgeon and may you always wear your heart on your sleeve. I am so appreciative of your kindness and caring. — Fran

I want you and your staff to know that you're some of the loveliest people I've ever met. Thank you all for making me feel so at ease My dad was very impressed. You go girls! — Diane G.

Thank you for your excellent and gentle care of me as I came to you for surgery. The procedure was easy, and the follow up also easy. I appreciate your care. God Bless you. — Mary R.

You all have been absolutely wonderful to me. It is greatly appreciated. — Jennifer V.

I would like to take this time and tell you May God bless you always and help you in his heart. — Louise R.

We enjoyed meeting you and very pleased with your service. — Art S.

THANKS for everything. — Charlie N.

Thank you so very much for your kind treatment. Your entire staff was very caring and did there very best to make a scary ordeal for me comfortable. — Keri T.

Thank you again for your kindness and caring. God bless you all. — Arlene M.

Thank you for the great care you gave me. — Maureen N.

Thank you for the wonderful job on my oral surgery and relaxed setting. Thank you all so much. — Henrietta O.

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